Friday, August 5, 2011


Day 5 decluttering had the following occur:

- moved some artwork from library to front entrance (had not been properly displayed in library)
- lunchboxes that had been in the living room are now displayed on top of one of the larger bookcases in library next to Betty Boop lunchboxes / purses
- threw out a bunch of expired condoms (yes, for real -HAHAHAHA)
- decided that end table near front entrance will now house all puzzles, puzzle-related items and all New York tournament packages to date .... that means all pictures and photo albums currently residing in there will be sorted through and either thrown out or recatalogued (and all of these activities will be dealt with in a couple of weeks)
- replaced all old magazines in bathroom with other old ones - at least they're getting read now!

And am now working on a wee bit more that includes:

- reshelving books in library so that one shelf can be free for small doodads and stuffed animals that are just sitting around on the floor right now
- going through medicine cabinet making sure that empty boxes are recycled and all expired medicine and aspirin get tossed out

I'm working most of next week so I won't have much time to tidy or organize. Will try to do at least one small task each day before I head out (maybe shredding and doing dishes) so that I don't lose momentum. Very pleased this is all going so well right now! Yay!

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