Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blog Schedule.

Now that I'm getting into the swing of this writing gig, it's time to decide what I am going to post each day. I have made up a schedule which will show you how I am breaking down the week, so you'll know what to look for each day here on the blog. I've decided that Tuesdays and Saturdays will be my free days. I'm putting no pressure on myself to post on those days, so I can choose to either do nothing, post a random item or get a draft ready for another day's post. Here we go!

MONDAY - Inspirational Quotes
These will be quotes that I find bring me up or inspire me. Sometimes they may come from an unusual source, but they will mean something none-the-less.

TUESDAY - Day off or random ramblings

WEDNESDAY - Shake Your Booty Day
All this is, is a video of a song that is fun and funky enough to dance to. Hump Day blues, begone!

THURSDAY - Reminiscing
This day will become quite special to me as the time goes on. On this day I will reflect on what made me happy as a child. I'm finding it incredibly important to think about this and the effect it has on me as an adult today.

FRIDAY - Wonderful Women
This will be a short piece on a woman who has made her mark in the world. Most of these women will be well-known, but I'm hoping to showcase one local Toronto woman every month or two who is just as wonderful and deserves some recognition as well.

SATURDAY - Day off or random ramblings

SUNDAY - Observations of the Week
I've been carrying a notebook around in my purse every day and have been jotting down if I've seen anything funny or unusual or utterly fabulous. Sundays will be the list of everything that caught my attention that particular week. I'll probably post it all point form style.

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  1. I love everyday, but I especially will love to read Thursday's and Monday's!!!

    Beth xo