Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Checkin' in.

The temperature outside right now is -15 degrees but feels like -28 degrees with the wind chill. To say that wind chill and I are not the best of friends is an understatement.

Instead of writing something specific for my blog today, I will instead keep myself warm at home by getting back into tidying and reorganizing the apartment.

I started doing some major decluttering earlier this year and in November while my guy Chris was away in Tokyo, I revamped the apartment up a bit to "feng shui" the energy in here.

I wrote about the progress day-by-day and kept them in draft format and starting next week (the specific day will be determined a bit later), I will finally post all the drafts. The last few days need more writing as I was concentrating more on getting the place cleaned up (!), but it'll be fun to go back and reread what I went through to change it all up. There are some before and after pictures that will show how bohemian our home is!

I'd better get crackin' on the cleanup .... it's getting cool in here! :)

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