Monday, January 9, 2012

Day of Discovery.

Though I haven't posted anything on here since January 3rd, I've been diligent in my writing long-hand at home (and on the subway and in Tim Hortons and in the staff room) so I'm not feeling as guilty for already being behind on this blog.
A lot of my writing was figuring out what it is exactly I want to write and post on here. I've now set up a schedule for myself and by the end of the month you'll all know which day will be your favourite one to check in on here. I shall post all that tomorrow along with my 2012 resolutions list (finally!!).

Back to what is now my regular Monday post - Inspirational Quotes.
I had one person to quote in mind today, but after writing it out for a while, I realized that what I wanted to talk about on the Tuesday was a great companion piece to my original idea for today. Since there wasn't enough time to get all my thoughts out in writing for that today, I will prepare it for the following week and go with something short and sweet for right now.

This is a quote that I first heard a few years ago and came into my head this morning.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." - Anaïs Nin

I've made it clear that I want to push myself further than I ever have this year. This is one of the quotes that really hits that feeling home for me. I cannot shy away from life anymore. I must venture forth into the great unknown and not be afraid to be myself. Push myself and fully accept that with victories there will be failures. When that happens, I will take note of everything I did wrong and do better the next time. More importantly, I will feel good about the failure and realize that it was meant to happen so that I could appreciate everything about the situation/event/moment.
When I was studying the Meisner Technique years ago, my teacher Jacqueline McClintock
said the most incredible thing to me before I got up and did a scene exercise.

"Every time you go on stage, you must be willing to fail and fall flat on your face."

If I do something but don't succeed, I cannot let it get me down as long as I was prepared and ready for whatever outcome lay ahead. There's no way to be disappointed in myself at all with that mindset.

Looks like my short and sweet day ended up bringing TWO lovely and unexpected quotes here!
I'm loving discovering all these interesting and hidden things about myself as I head down this road of writing!

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