Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This song popped into my head the other day so I knew right away it was perfect for Shake Your Booty Day.

Crank it and dance y'all!

Monday, February 6, 2012

I believe!

I usually have an inspirational quote picked sometime in the morning and then post it here with my comments on the theme. Today I found that there didn't seem to be anything popping out at me .... until 10 minutes ago.

The announcement that "The Book of Mormon: The Musical" will be coming to Toronto next year is the best news I could ever hear! I had the good fortune of catching it in New York early last year when it was just in previews - before it became the hottest ticket in town.

I never thought that any show could ever top (or even match) "RENT" for me, and "The Book of Mormon" did it in the first number alone.

One of the pivotal songs in the show is called "I Believe" and I play it any time I'm feeling down or doubting my abilities. The show is hilarious and controversial and incredibly smart, and in my opinion, about how one can finally find their faith. That faith can be in God, or "a" god, or in the power of a group of individuals or community, or more importantly ... in themselves.

This is what I take from it and it really strikes a chord with me as I have spent decades questioning everything about not only myself but also spirituality, my environment and my family. As I enter my 5th decade of life, there are so many regrets I have had and "if only" and "what if?" moments, that they made me doubt that I was capable of doing anything that could truly make me happy. This song reminds me that as long as I believe in myself and trust that whatever I want to do to make me happy is right for ME, then whatever anyone else says or thinks about me should have no negative effect on me at all.

The lines that stick out for me are the following:

I've always longed to help the needy
To do the things I never dared.
This was the time for me to step up
So, then, why was I so scared?


I can't allow myself to have any doubt.
It's time to set my worries free.
Time to show the world what Elder Price is about!
And share the power inside of me...

I've written here before that I now feel I am confident enough and have lived long enough to finally have things to say - this song echoes those feelings in the two stanzas I have written above. I hope you're all not too offended by some of the lyrics in the song (as I've attached it below) - remember that it's a satire and when you boil it all down, it's about the human condition.

More importantly, I hope you believe in yourself like I have finally found the belief in myself!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where in the world ... ?

Happy Sunday to you all!

I'm spending the day relaxing with "Battlestar Galactica" on the screen as I finish my giant Elvis latch hook rug. Yay!

But I thought I'd take a minute to check out the little visitor map I added to my blog to see where people were reading my blog from, and it seems like I have fans all over the world!

I'd love for you to write in the comments where you all are.
Thanks for checking out my blog and helping me stay on this writing journey of mine.

You are all fabulous!! :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Malvina Hoffman

Malvina Hoffman
American (1887-1966)

Malvina Hoffman refused to take "no" for an answer. The eminent sculptor Auguste Rodin declined to see her five times before he finally accepted her as a pupil in his studio. There, Hoffman not only developed her art, but mastered the physically and technically demanding aspects of sculpting, including how to cast her own bronzes. She personally did the heavy lifting usually done by foundry workers. In 1930, Hoffman received the largest commission ever granted to a sculptor, to create more than one hundred bronze sculptures of "The Races of Mankind" for Chicago's Field Museum. Over the next five years she traveled the world to find models and lived with the peoples she researched. Anthropologists and Modernist artists criticized Hoffman for her interpretations, but these figures have since been appreciated for their vitality and insight into character. In her long and prolific career, Hoffman also created portraits of prominent Americans, monumental sculpture groups, and a bas-relief frieze of Russian dancers that The New York Times called "a great legend of the art world".

(Source: Library of Congress 2006 Engagement Calendar)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I got the beat!

On this overcast Wednesday, I think some Girl Power is just the ticket to brighten everyone's day! How can you go wrong with loveable ol' Jane Wiedlin?

So many songs from this group to choose from but this is one of their best. Clap your hands at the 1:50 mark and sing it out loud! :)