Monday, July 30, 2012

Half a year gone ... just like that.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has been waiting with bated breath for another blog post from me. If you have then bless your heart, but please tell me that you've been keeping yourself busy doing other things these past 6 months!

It would be so easy to blame my silence on any number of things, like:

- starting a new job at the Bloor Cinema
- getting another promotion at Toronto Centre for the Arts
- doing my annual New York crossword puzzle tournament
- throwing myself back into latch hook and making 3 new rugs
- my role as Operations Manager for the Shinsedai Cinema Festival
- wasting time on Facebook
- going through a funk

... but that would be far too easy.

Instead, I will admit that I got overambitious yet again and put too much pressure on myself to do more than I thought I could handle.

I don't need to publish something every. single. day.
I can post bit and pieces whenever I damn well please.

So I will.

I spent some time today rereading my posts from January and was surprised to see how well I had expressed everything that was going on in my head. That's always been a huge stumbling block for me.
There are many projects I've thought of that I would like to see come to fruition someday, and the only way they will see the light of day is if I just keep writing.

Ramblings. Drivel. Nonsense. Puns. Musings.

Will I be "back" this time with a vengeance?
Probably not.
Will I write on here passionately with every fibre of my being, whenever the fancy strikes me?
You bet your ass I will.

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