Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012 Resolutions Update!

The subject line alone is hopefully making you laugh already.

We're now into the 8th month of 2012, and many (if not, all) resolutions have long been forgotten by people all around the globe. Since I'm back to writing again, I thought it'd be a hoot to see what my goals were at the start of this glorious year, and if I had kept up with any of them. I also wanted to see if there were any resolutions that had slipped my mind completely. The results are quite fascinating. Let's revisit them, shall we?

1. Put laundry away as soon as it comes out of the dryer.

I still have good days and bad days with this one, but I have to say that overall, I have gotten better and the items get mostly put away as soon as I bring them up from the laundry room. Mostly.
(Yes, that was a tip o' the hat to "Aliens" ... thanks for noticing)

2. Whittle down my CD collection and put more on the computer and my MP3 player.

This is one resolution that I have been on top of, which pleases me! I gave away 40 cds this past weekend actually, so it feels good to know that this is something that has become a rather nice habit. And as a side note: I still have the MuchDance 2000 CD in my collection. Just sayin'.

3. Recommend one documentary a month and attempt to write about what it means to me personally, instead of a critical review of it.

I haven't even attempted this yet. Maybe after my August Playwriting Month is over and done with, September can be my Movie Review Month. Something to think about .....

4. Do 15 minutes of tidying everyday - minimum.

Once again, there are good and bad days with this one, but even though the bad days exist, at least I'm still making an effort in trying to not become overwhelmed.

5. Do Morning Pages every day. See comment with #6
6. Revisit "The Artist's Way" and "The Right to Write" by Julia Cameron.

I was faithful to the Morning Pages for about a month but found that I enjoyed typing posts on here instead. We see where this got me, eh? I was doing well with "The Artist's Way" but when it came to writing about past issues and how I dealt with them, it was harder and harder for me to stick with it. When I turned 40, I made a decision to cut toxic people out of my life. It was extremely hard and uncomfortable for some individuals, but the end result has been worth it ... and *then* some. Unfortunately, there are a few family members that I cannot do this with, so I am stuck between a rock and a hard place in that regard. I'll definitely go back to writing about these personal issues again, but will do it in baby steps.

7. Start reading more books from my bookcases as opposed to always going to the library, and give away 20 this year as well.

This would be the one on the list that I have truly excelled at. In addition to the cds I gave away this weekend, 20 books joined them. I can fit all of my books onto my 2 bookcases now. Huzzah! I have to say that I forgot about the potential project that my friend and I had chatted about, so I think I'll rekindle that conversation. It's never too late to start anything!!

8. Be more cognizant of surroundings, people and situations.

Another one that has become just a normal reaction for me. Unless it's a huge work event that's understaffed or kind of overwhelming event, I tend to not freak out - inside *or* out.

9. Get back into musical instruments.

This resolution has also fallen by the wayside. I did pick up the flute again, but found that I couldn't play it! With the help of a lovely music teacher (who was recommended by a friend of mine), I discovered that I need to relearn how to play it altogether. I've had asthma my entire life but it has become a lot more manageable in my adult life. Sadly, the way I played it as a child and teenager was completely different from the way I'll need to play it now. Breathing easier, but also having had a bruised lung from one of my PFL fights has shifted the way I blow the air through the instrument, so it's like learning from scratch all over again. I *will* prevail though because it means so much to me!

10. French and Spanish!

Haven't really followed through with this one either. Let's see if I can pick some of it up again before the end of the year.

11. Reread the Big Book and start going to AA meetings again

I can honestly say that reading the Big Book and keep a spending record have become regular habits for me. That's pretty good! However, the real big one in those resolutions is the "going to meetings" part. I haven't been reguarly to meetings for ages. I thought I'd found a good one just down the street from my house, but it never made me feel like I was at home - which is how I felt at my old home group. I'm going to see if I can make my schedule work so that I can start going back to it.

12. Keep a spending record again.

Funny how I was never good at keeping on top of this until *after* I paid off all my debt! I was diligent for months but July ended up being all over the map due to the fact that I had a film festival to run. Basically, money didn't really have any meaning for the weeks in the middle of that month. I'm now back on track and have been back to writing my spending every day for the month of August. It's incredible to see exactly where you money disappears to when you write it down.

13. Teach myself to bake, and bake one new thing a month.
Maybe I can learn a few new things before the end of the year so that I'll have tried at least a few new recipes. Still making the same old loaves, but since I'm feeling more confident there, I think I'm ready to kick it up a notch to say ... cookies. Time will tell.

14. Get back into PFL shape.

Oh boy! Well ... I lost 22 lbs last year and felt fantastic, but since I've started working in movie theatres again, I've put 10 lbs back on and haven't been exercising at all. When I started my spending plan again at the start of this month, I decided to do at least 15 minutes of exercise each ay and write it on the same page. Building up slowly has been great, and I already feel better. Not feeling exhausted after I climb the stairs in the subway is fabulous! If I keep it short and sweet, I can maintain it better and slowly build it to more when I'm good and ready.

15. Finish all latchhooks in my bin and give them as presents or hang them up on the wall.

I love that this was the very last resolution on my list as it's the one that has been the most special to me and made this year wonderful. I finished the Elvis latch hook that had been in my possession for 3 decades!!! Granny bought it some time in the early 70s and it was the first one I tackled this year. I was so surprised that even though it was huge, it only took me a month to complete. I decided to give it to my dear friend PJ as she is a really big Elvis fan, and she helped me tackle my debt last year. I then did something even more ambitious .... I custom-made two rugs for other friends of mine. This has not only rekindled my love of something positive from my childhood (and one of the rare things I can remember), but also stirred a new passion inside of me. I'm now planning 3 more custom-made rugs and will start them in a couple of weeks. I'm going to set up an Etsy page and see if there's any way I can have this as a side business - wouldn't that be great? Here's hoping that pans out, but regardless of the outcome, I'm still going to enjoy every minute of the activity.
And if any of you are interested, I have a Facebook page set up for my custom-made latch hook business: Playing Hooky Rugs

So .... overall, I'm doing alright with what I had set out as goals for myself. Looking back, I'm not feeling that I failed in any of the resolutions that have fallen by the wayside. In fact, it's just the opposite: I look at it as getting back on that horse when I'm feeling ready for it. I know that it'll be sooner rather than later, so once again .... all is good.


  1. It's cool that you even made a list...

  2. This is such an inspiring update Polly! I love hearing about your resolutions and how they are going (or not going!) with such pizazz. Way to work it!