Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 17: Free Association

Ah, free association time! I get a list of Inspiration Words, and I share what they inspire in me.

What's interesting is that each of these inspired new goals for 2014. Hopefully I'll stick with them!

1. River

Spending more time walking in nature, especially in the good weather. I love to go down to Harbourfront, but I didn't make it down at all this year, and I haven't been to the Toronto Islands in years. We managed to walk along the boardwalk in the Beaches once this summer, and did a stroll all through High Park two summers ago. Will rectify this for sure next year.

2. Fresh

Fruits and vegetables. My diet tends to be good only a wee bit of the time, so it's essential that I get better at eating more from these two food groups. I feel really good when I get enough of them in my system, but it's easy to buy cheap and fast unhealthy foods, and that's what I ingest mostly. Time to make the time for quality! 

3. Escape

Books. I was reading quite a number of books a couple of years ago, but haven't done so lately, and I miss it. I've gravitated towards only reading non-fiction, and love learning about other people, cultures and events. I want to get back into reading the excess stuff on my shelves, and keeping up with new and exciting books that come out throughout the year.

4. Moment

Being in the moment. It's been a few years since I've practiced meditation. It helped me tremendously before - it's time to stop getting worked up so easily.

5. Night

Health! I usually get home from work after midnight, and as a result I tend to hit the hay with a bunch of clothes in a pile, and my face not properly washed. Neither of these are any good. I'm trying to get into a set of routines where I wouldn't miss anything major at both the start and end of the day. In addition to simply putting clothes away (which I just seem to be so bad at!) and cleansing my face, I want to do at least 15 minutes of writing to just get stuff out. Writing down all the crap that floats around in my head really settles me down, and if I can do it right before I lie down, I might actually get better sleep.


  1. I'm trying also to change my night habits in the new year!

  2. I wish I had gotten to the island when I was in Toronto, such a special place. I hope you enjoy it. Yes to fresh food and to nights filled with good habits and creativity. :)

  3. The idea of boardwalks has my feet itching to be on one. And I think your idea to write pre-bed as a way to clear your mind for sleep is brilliant. Good luck with that!