Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 20: My First ... (the Meme Edition)

More firsts to talk about today!

1. Your first job

My mother was a registered nurse in a nursing home, so that was the environment I grew up in. Since I was always around for events and holidays, helping out where I could, when I turned 14, I was asked by the social convener if I wanted to start working as a server in the dining hall and get paid for it. I already knew all the residents so it wouldn't be too much of a transition. My mother thought it would be a good idea, and thus began my start in the service industry. I gotta tell ya - if you want know how to tackle/ condition yourself for the pickiest and grumpiest customers ever, then start your career in the same fashion as me! Here's an example of something that happened one day.

Me: Here's your coffee, Mr. Reid!
Him: I want tea!!
Me: You don't like tea, Mr. Reid. You drink coffee.
(5 minutes later after going to the kitchen to change his order)
Me: Here's your tea, Mr. Reid.
Him: (scowling at the cup and then back at me) I don't drink tea!
Me: Yes, I know, but you asked me to bring you tea instead of coffee today, Mr. Reid.
Him: I WANT MY COFFEE! (he screams, and then smacks the cup and saucer off the table)
Me: Okay, Mr. Reid.

And ... scene. It wasn't always like that, but when I look back on it, I couldn't have wished for a better way to be prepared for what has ended up being an almost 30 year run in the (customer) service industry.

2. The first thing to your left

My oversized Neil Diamond tour mug. You better believe it!

3. Something you remember about First Grade

A lot of my childhood is blocked from my memory, so I sadly can only recall one thing about the First Grade. The school I attended was Davisville Public School / Metropolitan School for the Deaf. One end of the school was dedicated strictly for the MSD, and just because I lived across the street, I was fortunate enough to attend a regular public school that just happened to start teaching French in Grade One, and also a bit of Sign Language once a week. I only remember how to do a handful of sign language (excuse the unintended pun there), but having access to realize how many forms communication takes at a very early age was an absolute godsend, and it's yet another thing I am grateful for being exposed to as a youngster. 

4. The first book you ever read

The first book I remember loving was one that my cousin Alan gave to me as a present. The two of us eventually ended up in the comedy world, so it was an extremely fitting gift at the time.

For far too many years to count, I would run around at holiday family gatherings, reading all the jokes from the book until one of the adults had had enough and took the book from me. Slowly figuring out that I didn't need the book, I began to memorize chapters at a time, so once the book was removed from my hands, it didn't matter - I could still tell all the jokes, whether they liked it or not. And they most certainly did NOT! I still have this book on my shelf, and am so happy I got to talk about it today, that I think it's time to start annoying people once more! Here are some of my favourites from the well-loved pages of the "Daffinitions" chapter (that are quite witty when I reread them now!): 

Advertising - The art of making you think you've longed all your life for something you never heard of before

Tomorrow - One of the greatest labour-saving devices of today.

Synonym - A word you use when you can't spell the other one

World - A jigsaw puzzle with a peace missing

No wonder I ended up loving words and puzzles so much!  :)

5. The first thing you do in the morning

Go pee! Seriously, I had to be honest here! Then I quickly scan regular and work emails, and Facebook before making coffee. 

6. The first food you knew you didn't like

Turnip. My family is Scottish and I would eat everything with the exception of that horrid thing. The smell of it being cooked in the kitchen also made me ill. Blech! 

7. Your first memory

My mom took me to see "Bambi" when I was 2 or 3 and when (SPOLIER ALERT IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE FILM) Bambi's mother dies, I was crying so hard we had to leave the theatre. Maybe that's the catalyst for me turning into such an emotional and sensitive person: I've never gotten over Mrs. Bambi being murdered! Damn you, Disney!!


  1. I laughed out loud several times reading your post! Thank you for sharing these - especially the Daffinitions and the Spoiler Alert for Bambi! Teeheehee!