Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 26: Ten Things in Your Fridge

Day 26 is asking about the items in my fridge. Well, it's emptier since we had to throw it all out from the almost 3 days of no power. Here's all the new stuff in there:

- strawberry jam
- bag of Royal Gala apples
- bag of Bartlett pears
- container with Timothy's Hazelnut coffee (fine-grind)
- 1/2 can of Carnation evaporated milk
- 1/2 bag of Kraft shredded mozzarella cheese

And a few items that I just bought last night at a mini-supermarket that never lost power!

- 1L carton of 2% milk
- 2L carton of OJ
- spreadable butter
- eggs

Will be filling it up more this weekend, but right now it seems so empty. A lot easier to find things, though!

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