Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 28: One Sentence Saturdays - Your Word for 2014

A few words popped into my mind immediately when I saw that I was to pick one word for 2014:

                                     Focus   Serenity   Ease   Security   Health
I also thought about what I *wouldn't* want for next year, and what the antonyms were for those words.  I didn't want to be stressed, tense, burdened by finances, overworked, or sick.

And then it hit me ....

I want to be free from everything that holds me down, belittles me, discourages me, etc.
Could one word hold all that power? Will it work for me?
Only time will tell, and I've got 365 days worth of it to fill up! Here's to everyone and their words for 2014! May you fulfill everything you wish for in the new year!

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