Friday, December 6, 2013

Day Five: 10 Things About Me

1. For some reason as a kid, I thought that people were scooped up into cement mixers, and were then churned out into new sidewalks. I have no idea how this notion got into my head, but I seriously thought this happened and that I was walking on top of dead people when I went down the street. I was terrified of cement mixers for years because of this.

2. I am obsessed with Orson Welles, and almost equally as obsessed with Ernest Shackleton, and anything to do with the scaling of Mt. Everest.

3. While working at Cineplex as a teenager, the staff at my theatre got invited to a midnight sneak peek of "Die Hard" at the Pantages Theatre (now the Canon Theatre) before it opened to the public. After the screening, 2 of our ushers (who also happened to be actors) were quoting the movie like mad. I was mesmerized by how they remembered so much and asked how they did it. Little did I know that it was to become a major turning point in my life. Because of what they told me, films took on a whole new meaning for me. I watched the film between 50 and 60 times in its release, and in a way, Bruce Willis was the catalyst for me eventually getting into performing.

4. I collect old typewriters.

5. I read Shirley Maclaine's book on the Camino de Santiago in the middle years of my marriage and it's been my dream to walk it ever since. I've read about 6 other books on the Camino since then. If I had had the money, I would have done it for my 40th birthday, but now I'm hoping to do it for my 45th or 50th. Want to focus on getting healthy first and I've almost taken care of all the major dental work I needed done, so that's a huge headstart!

6. Watching breakdancing excites the hell out of me.

7. I'm a recovering alcoholic and have been sober since Oct 13th, 2007 (just over 6 years now). The inscriptions on my medallions are Latin phrases:

One Year Medallion - AD ASTRA PER ASPERA  (To the stars through difficulties)
Five Year Medallion - LUCEAT LUX VESTRA (Let your light shine)

8. A lot of people know this already, but since I have new blog friends here I'm including this one: 
I've been a puzzle fan since I could read and write. There's a documentary called "Wordplay" about the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament I watched it on dvd in 2008 and have been going down to New York to compete in it every year since. It's only 3 months til the next tournament and it will be my 6th time! I consider New York to be my second home now, and all the people down there to be my family. I have such a wonderful time!

9. I have quite a large number of stuffed animals and they are my family, not just inanimate objects.

10. These are the lists of my Favourite 5 Films and Favourite 5 Documentaries:


1. Contact (Robert Zemeckis - 1997)
2. Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope (George Lucas - 1977)
3. Harold and Maude (Hal Ashby - 1971)
4. Passion Fish (John Sayles - 1992)
5. Carnival of Souls (Herk Harvey - 1962)


1. Battle Over Citizen Kane (Michael Epstein, Thomas Lennon - 1996)
2. Man on Wire (James Marsh - 2008)
3. End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones (Jim Fields, Michael Gramaglia - 2003)
4. American Movie (Chris Smith - 1999)
5. Bowling For Columbine (Michael Moore - 2002)

** I'm not sure why #1 and #5 are showing up weird in the posting, but will get my fella to help me fix it later tonight. Hope it doesn't throw you off! Thanks!

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  1. Hey, maybe you were in the mafia in a past life. Hence the idea that people were churned up in cement mixers. Lol! I love both Contact and Harold and Maude. Keep on letting your light shine!