Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day Fourteen: One Sentence Saturday - From a Book

As per our instructions for the day, the third book in on the top shelf of books starts as follows:

Ask people to name the most consequential inventions of world history, and you'll hear a list probably including the wheel, the telephone, the atomic bomb, the first computing machine (comedian Mel Brooks, in his 1960s audio skit "The Two-Thousand-Year-Old Man", claimed the greatest invention was Saran Wrap).

This is the start to the book "Language Visible - Unraveling the Mystery of the Alphabet From A to Z".
I won it in a raffle at a Pen Canada event years ago, but like many of the books on my shelves, I have yet to find the time to read it. My prize was an entire bag of books that had to do with language and communication - could you get anything more perfect for me??

Doing this post today (which is technically a day late - oops!), reminds me how many books I have on my shelves that remain unread. I used to have a LOT more books, and have given away approximately 700 of them away over the past 7 years. It's crazy to think how it all accumulates! What I have now fits perfectly onto 2 large bookcases, and my intention a couple of years ago was to try to read what I have instead of going out and either buying more. I started using the library more and that was great, but it made me read all new books as opposed to tackling what was waiting for me at home. Maybe 2014 will be the year I get back to going through the shelves! 

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