Friday, December 6, 2013

Day Six: Friday First - Share Your First Blog Post.

This was not my very first blog post, but I can't remember what it was sadly, as I deleted all my first ones. I believe there were less than 10 posts, but after reading this "new" first post, you'll understand why I started fresh on this day back in 2010. Here's what I wrote:

Starting anew.

It's November 25th. I haven't posted anything since August 29th and that's pretty bad. If you try to find those posts, I'm afraid they are not around anymore. Time to start fresh ... again.

I stopped writing because the last post I had up talked about how depressed I was at my job and how I was basically bullied by my boss while working in an extremely toxic environment. My boss started treating me worse and I realized that she had stumbled upon my blog and read my post. Then it got even worse at work.

Luckliy I found a new job in September and handed in my immediate resignation. No goodbyes for her at all.

I am beyond happy at my new job and cannot tell you how amazing it is to be treated as a human being again, instead of a mindless machine. That being said, it's time to start writing again and get back into a positive mindspace in my creative life.

I promise to keep writing here and am also thinking about writing about the unsung heroes in the film industry over the years, and am wondering if I should do so on here or try another blog stictly for that.

Me thinks I should get cracking on maintaining *this* blog first and then ... well, we'll see won't we?

I'm very thankful to be away from that job. I have no qualms letting you know that it was for (the online dvd rental site). I'm not attaching a link as they don't deserve it. The concept of it is good for the customer side of things, but the work side turned into a slave labour sweatshop. It stripped me of my dignity and self-esteem, but luckily it didn't take too long for me to get those both back after I resigned.

When I started my blog, it was great as a forum for me to share my thoughts. Once I realized that my boss could find and read my blog, then I felt trapped and didn't feel safe at home in addition to work. It made me ask myself what I truly wanted out of the blog. What purpose is this serving me? What purpose is it serving to the 10 people out there who are reading it? And why is one of them in Russia?????

If you look at all my posts, you'll see that I really have done much - just creative spurts here and there. I can't give any advice to anyone out there who wants to start their own blog, but I will say that you shouldn't put too much pressure on yourself to get something out every day. This Blog-a-thon is different as it's a way for new friends to take part in a creative monthly community event. Once January hits, I think I'll post whenever I feel like it, but will do so at least 2 or 3 times a month, no less. It feels good to get stuff out again, and since I'm not at my horrific old job, I shouldn't feel bad about what I write. I'm not hurting anybody with what I'm saying - just getting some things off of my chest, and talking about things that maybe other people are interested in, or have gone through something I went through and can finally speak up about it.

I can say one thing for sure - I'm so very glad that I started this blog, since I'm meeting so many wonderful new people through this Old Skool exercise! Three cheers to Jamie and Shannon!  :)

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