Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day Twelve: 10 Things I Know For Sure

I'm finally sitting down after redoing the entire storage room today at work with Chris and Ron. This came on the heels of working an entire day yesterday with our holiday staff party rounding it out (and ending at 3am!).

To state that I am tired is the understatement of the year.  :)

Since I have an hour to wait for Chris to finish work once the late show gets out, I figured I'd get crackin' on my post of the day. Let's see if any of this is coherent - I've been chugging coffee and sprite all day long.

1. I can't do accents to save my life, but at least my pathetic attempts are funny enough, so I'm still entertaining.

2.  Chris is always instantaneously pulled out of a bad/grumpy mood when I pull out my recorder and play it with my nose. How can you stay upset or angry when *that* happens?

3. My metabolism is not what it was when I was 20. Or even 30. I have finally come to terms with it.

4. My hugs are full of healing energy.

5. Quite a few of you I'm already talking with (and others I'll be connecting with soon) here in this blog-a-thon will become friends for life, and even possibly close confidants.

6. The best late night snack is a bowl of Bran Flakes (or All Bran Strawberry Bites) with soy milk.

7. Throwing on episodes of "The West Wing" boosts my mood like nothing else!

8. I will never, ever, ever, ever run for any level of political office.

9. I am damn good at my job!

10. When I reach the 10th and final spot on a Top Ten list, I either struggle to figure out what I'll put down to finish the list, or I have to whittle down 5 different items to just one. Both ways drive me mad!

Hey, I made sense in all of these. Huzzah!  :)

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