Thursday, January 2, 2014

31 Days To Get Organized: New Month-Long Project

Hello 2014!!!

I was wondering how I was going to feel on the first day of the new year with no daily writing prompt. Being really busy at work the last week of 2013 kept me away from being able to find time for writing, but I'm glad I've finally caught up and finished all of the blog-a-thon posts. Yay me!  :)

Now as I skim through my notifications on Facebook, I see that there's another month-long daily task project I can take part in, so it looks like there won't be any withdrawl for me!

A couple of years ago my friend Dani introduced me to a book called "It's All Too Much" by Peter Walsh (the amazing clutter organizer).

The book helped me realize that it wasn't just about the clutter itself, but really got down to what my relationship with the clutter was, and why I felt the way I did towards it. Pretty cool stuff. I wrote about my decluttering for a few days in 2011 and even gave it a cool name: Depletapalooza!

Anyhoo, this January Peter is repeating something he did at the start of last year. Every day of the month is a new organizing challenge. I'm a day behind already, but with a day off tomorrow (Friday), I'll be able to do get up to speed with the challenges so far. I was having trouble attaching the YouTube video from Peter giving a brief synopsis on what lies ahead, so here's the link below:

I'll let you all know what my first organizing tasks ended up being. I won't mind if it's a bit of hard work as the temperature outside right now is -27 degrees with the wind chill. Holy cow! Organizing will keep me warm, for sure.  :)

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